Chatting up and leading on

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by Imshi-Yallah, Oct 29, 2004.

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  1. Quick question, just back from a period away on training, a good 200miles from the GF, plenty of evening opportunities for socialising in the nearby town.
    My question is, is it wrong or ok to chat up women purely for the ego boost?

    Im not talking kissing, groping, declarations of love or anything else; just chatting to a girl as if she had a chance, which other things being equal she would but things arent equal?
    It seems to be SOP with most blokes I know, in fact most wouldnt be so restrained, and women do the same thing all the time.
    So is it right or wrong or indifferent and if its wrong, who is being wronged?
  2. However, my question is, is it wrong to chat up women purely for the ego boost without the kissing, groping and declarations of love!


    What you playing at? For **** sake, what is the world coming to.... :D
  3. I totally agree the Monkey on this...
    We women would NEVER, EVER, EVER do anythig like this...... :roll:
    Shame on yo young man....

  4. What's wrong with your statement? It is wrong NOT to go for

    D'ya hear there. The postcode rule is now in force. That is all!
  5. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    You're young, you're a bloke, you're miles away from home, unless you're at the "holding hands and everything" stage, you're technically single. What's the problem????
  6. Eh but Im not single
  7. :twisted: In that case, I am going to tell your wife, you 'orrible man.
  8. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    So you are at the "holding hands and everything" stage. In which case you either pretend that you're single and deal with the guilt; or you live the life of a monk when you're away from your other half.
  9. What happens on course/exercise stays etc. So dig out dude!
  10. We're at the 3 year anniversary but no plans for engagement, marriage sprog dropping etc stage
  11. Well get on with it man, just imagine she is too and you'll be fine!
  12. Don't imagine that she's doing it! She is doing it, with all your mates probably. Stop acting like a virgin and get out and do some loving.
  13. Revenge is a dish best served, from behind and with brown wings!
  14. Your courting techniques are too sophisticated for the likes of me, Imshi Yallah. I am a firm believer in the old-fashioned mating ritual of waiting til ten to 2, and then staggering up to the most desperate looking munter lurking on the edge of the dance-floor, boffing up on her shoes, and then slapping a lip-lock on her. It always used to work in "Boobs" down in Guzz. :D
  15. 3 year anniversary of what, exactly?

    Let's get this straight.

    1. You are single
    2. Some poor wench puts up with and sleeps with you.
    3. You want to inflict yourself on others, whilst at no time risking poor wench's attentions, as she may very well be the only one to WANT to sleep with your sorry arse.

    This is easy. Go be single and make poor wench's life worth living by clearing out.

    Cowardly all the way around, sir. What a knob.