Chattenden-trained signallers

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by tiny_lewis, Dec 5, 2010.

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  1. Any 'graduates' of the Chattenden-era Class3 and/or Class1 Sigs courses here?
    If so, do you still have your course notes?
  2. Yes, No!
  3. Just looking for the course notes, lost mine years ago.
  4. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    is this the same Tiny Lewis ex dirty 30?
  5. There is only one. Thankfully. :)
  6. Tiny, I'd have to go digging through several attics full of shoite to find mine, I'm in a photo at CTW in Chattenden 0-3 Course 80/4. Did my Cl1 at Chattenden also and then RSIs. Did my Sig Sgts at CTW, Gib Bks.
  7. Well, if you ever get bored and dig through several attics ;-)

    Class 3 chattenden back end 1984, would have to dig out the cse photo for details. C1 in 1993 (taken off course in test week due to 'attitude' - lol), redid the entire thing in 1994, on probably the most memorial course in the schools history ;-)
  8. Heh heh, me and 2 oppos did a 1 week Clansman maint course that involved an impromptu night out and borrowing Kitcheners sword from outside his barracks. Whoops, fortunately I'm not such a dickhe*d anymore.
  9. 8 sigs catterick, cant remember when, top of the class as usual tho
  10. Did all my Sigs training at Chattenden; Radio User, Class 2, Class 1, RSI, Sigs Cpls and Sigs SNCO. I do have my notes, certainly the Radio User and Class 2 (maybe Class 1 as well) written in an old army exercise book in pencil with some dodgy drawings of Larkspur radios and a bit of Clansman. Dave Ferigan was the name mentioned above. He moved with the Wing to Minley and retired a few years back now when I was there as QMSI. The morse instructor before him was also a legend in his time, I can't remember his name; Eric maybe, Eric Daley?
  11. That dates you a bit, 2 Old ;-) Larkspur makes you, pre 1980? QMSI after the wing move must be 1997/8? Which also means we have some common muckers. Still speak with Dave occasionally, last time about March/April; he's still active in amateur radio albeit strictly a CW ham.
  12. Radio User Sep/Oct 77 - Larkspur with a few bits of wood to represent Clansman. VP walkabout exercise with the A41 (46lbs with spare battery) - but you tell the youngsters today!. Even on my Class 1 (1979) it was a mixed course with both being covered. But then we were still using C45/BID150 for the CRE net at 3 Div until I left 26 in 1982 - and the Saracens we had at Larbruch in the late 80s/early 90s still had Larkspur harness!

    QMSI at the wing 96-99.

    If our paths crossed it would have been 26 Iserlohn (mostly 2 Sqn - twice Spr-Cpl), Ripon 51 Sqn (twice LCpl/Cpl - SSgt) or Maidstone 36 (50 & 20 Sqn - Sgt/SSgt).

    And now using Bowman and still a QMSI, hence the username!

    Hint: when I was in Belize in 1984 there was a guard duty named after me - Explosive Store House (ESH) Guard!