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Chatroom party tonight



A few of us are meeting in the site chatroom(Naafi) tonight for a party/pissup. All welcome.
Lurk there from 21:00 .
Be there or be.....somewhere else :wink:

...will someone be a darling and open up a 'marquee' for those who'd like a more 'refeyned' and sensible chat? cheers x
I always thought that chatrooms were about birds showing their bits off so that blokes could collect the pics.

So far I have to conclude that all of the participants in our chat room, with the exception of one, are blokes pretending to be girls. I know that Ma has suspected this for a while and I am begining to agree.

I have seen 1 flange shot, several face shots (that could actually be MDN in drag) and a couple of full body shots (again, after seeing MDN in a dress, these could be fake, he has similar sized tits as Jordan)

I say shame on you girlies, get ya bits out and share with the lads. Prove your girliness.

To make it fair, I will post a picture of my nob to any one that asks :D :D


No need to take pictures of your knob ORG weve all seen a tortoise's head before! or should that be a terrapin? :lol:

Thought it might be that :lol:

Mind you ORG has flashed so many times, it's becoming a wee bit boring :roll:
Now if he had something worth bragging about in that department it would be a different matter :twisted:


Vicars and tarts party in the Chatroom tonight :wink:
RV 22:00 Naafi chatroom
All welcome

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