Discussion in 'Sappers' started by lemonkettaz, May 7, 2011.

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  1. Anyone know if the student reception centre will be open tomorrow (sunday 8th may) as I intend on moving into chatham tomorrow from gib to start a course monday...?
  2. The only Chatham I remember was the Battle group training camp 60 miles west of El-Adam in Libya in 1969
  3. You should have been told to report to student reception between certain times. If this is the case it will be open and some admin staff ready to sort you out
  4. I am sure you can kip in the Two Sawyers if there's no room on camp for you :)
  5. Aren't you ******* dead yet?!
  6. Didn't they used to call the 'Student Reception Centre' The Guardroom?
  7. Feck me is the Two Sawyers still going ? I remember when it was a spit & sawdust Whitbreads boozer with an outside lavvy 35 years ago . The landlord was an old matelot called Ron who never stopped farting , his misses Bet did the meanest steak pie on Brompton High St. I'll have to go and lie down now as I'm suddenly feeling feckin' old !
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  8. Was skipping through this old thread and noticed the "two Sawyers" OMG I am now feeling very feckin old, I remember it in'66 (before Brompton was open) we used to call in en route - going on stag at Brompton as "site guards" - from the old Kitchener Barracks. Between that and the civvi site security guy who always had a kettle on, it made guard duty quite enjoyable, apart from the No2 dress and bloody starched collar.
  9. The Viscount has gone though, apparently some ******* student bar. Not sure about the Lord Louis though.
  10. There's no Lord Louis anymore either, and the regiment has breifly been banned from the sawyers for 'excessive violence'

    It wasn't anybodys fault until the navy came in.....
  11. You mean to say you let the shirt lifters into the Sawyers ! SHAME on you spr chalky , in my day the water babies NEVER ventured over the Dock Road from HMS Pembroke , if they did the "ogres" from the 24th Squadron of Field ensured they went back over the road leaving a trail of blood ,snot , teeth ,skin & bone .
  12. That's how our banishment began, its pretty easy to say a mass brawl was an understatement
  13. Here it is

    Google Maps
  14. TwoSawyers.jpg

    my liver is in pain just posting this picture.
  15. Bloody hell looks a bit posh these days or is it I am seeing it

    a) Sober
    b) in the daylight