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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Lgsmith1992, Jan 3, 2011.

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  1. Just wanted to find out what the planty course at chathams like?

  2. Not sure now but it used to be bloody good, 6 months eating pies, playing euchre and shagging dirty Chatam women. Oh! you also got to play with some pant as well.
  3. Beware the Chatham pirates ladies that size are bound to cause trouble.
  4. It's split into several phases:
    Mechanical training
    Crawler Tractors (bulldozers)
    Wheels (front end loaders and 180' excavators)
    Excavators (Tracked excavators)
    Rollers and Exercise

    Each phase is aproximatly 3 or 4 weeks long. If you are posted to an Air Support you will also cover Wheeled Excavators and Frame Steer Dump Trucks.
    Hope this answers your question.
  5. Course not bad mate but the whole lots run by civvis nowadays.
  6. did my A2 in 1991. Loved it - even the power hydraulics phase!! Instructors were ok, but some of the MPF's were complete ********* - really up themselves. Learnt loads on the course, gave me a brilliant grounding for what I do now (run my own Landscaping business).
    Wouldn't have missed out on it for the world.
  7. All ex-Planties if memory serves me correct! I havent been down the Sheds for a few years now and there were still mostly Military Instructors then, but M**k W**e, The Japanese geordie, K*v B*nk**l and a few others were instructing as civvies, all ex Corps and top bods!
  8. Yeah your right mate most are ex planties And pretty much all good blokes it's just the course seems to be missing something nowadays or a least the lads coming through are. Not that it's the blokes fault it's just that they have watered it down so much. One of my muccas is down there now as a civvies instructor and he says the same.
  9. I think we have really missed a trick by letting go of the mechanic part of our trade. As a brand new Class 2 myself and another Class 2 were given a fitter tool box and a tub of liquid gasket and told "strip all the mods off of the knackered Mk 4 CET engine and fit them to the reconditioned Mk 1 CET engine". We did make it work! Another mate of my kept a Hydrema 806 going in Bagram by stripping parts from MiGs and got the QCVS for his troubles. At Class 1 level I think that the quality of inspections will go down as the guys simply don't have enough background knoweldge to correctly indentify faults and hopefully diagnose what's causing them. This has been identified as a problem by CRE 1 Div but I'm not sure what is going to be done about it at 1 RSME.
    As for missing something is it a lack of bund runs, lugging that bloody great rock around (can't remember the name of the fecking thing though), not enough laps of the magic roundabout on the run or no more Satan to worry about at the School? Answers on a postcard please!
  10. Don't mate I am starting to sweat just thinking about it although it wasnt a rock for me but a bloody big lump of cast iron with the gate key on it. But I totally agree the lack of mech knowledge is starting to cause a real problem especially as Mr ALC doesn't like sandy and hot which leaves the likes of us to puppy walk the new lads through the basics that they should already know. Mind you I would rather a half trained planty then a troop of fully trained sweaks or Drivers for that matter ha. Only joking boys don't want to start a trade war first day on here.
  11. If either of you had done your A2 between 93/95 I may have been one of the chaps that sent you running around...but I doubt it as I was a thoroughly nice bloke as an Instructor... I think !

    But the Problem about the lack of ability to carry out fault diagnosis was prevelant when I was in 24 in 97/99 some of the Instructors would be phoning up to send kit to workshops and I would have to go over the field and smack the offending kit with a hammer or 'tweak' it with an adjustable (quite literally on more than one occasion) and voila it would be back on the road.

    Not saying I was anything special, just the lack of time on the kit and the speed with which guys were being promoted meant experience wasnt gained. I took a guy on his A2 in 93 straight out of the factory and he was an Instructor himself by 97! Not his fault obviously and he was a decent bloke, but from sproggy Op to instructor in 4 years? Even with Grapple/Resolute on didnt mean he could gain as much experience to know the ins and outs of the machines as that which was taught to me by real crusty old feckers in 84!
  12. Geo

    I left the factory Sep' 72 and went on my 0-2 in the December - did'nt have a clue !

    Done my 2-1, October '80 at the Beach and on final tests gave the 'Jap Geordie' word for word brake adjustment for a Terex Scraper when we were standing next to the 621 ! FFS !

    Where was I circa 82-84 - Instructor on the field !

    Plant Ops - Gods - long may they scoff pies.
  13. Exactly Bob, you were one of the crusty old feckers who taught me on my 0-2 :-D

    I left the sausage factory in Jan '84, started my 0-2 Apr '84, did my A1 in '86, ECP in '87, my section bananas in '90, and instructed on the field '93-'96,

    Funnily enough I can remember the names of almost all of my instructors on my A2 and A1, where I was a good little soldier, but half of them on my ECP are just a blur as we were at Brompton and yea verily the night-time attractions of that side of the water held many a new experience compared to the George and the few pubs in strood we had frequented on earlier courses.

    I can remember Chunky Freeman testing me on bitumen thingies and what have you and I didnt have a clue what he was asking me! I think Taff S*ddaw*y was the instructor for the Bitumen decanter and all its joys, Chopper In*h*m, (whom I believe is a 747 captain with British Airways now!) took me on Piling when he was a fullscrew (cant remember the name or the Sgt) and of course the Corp's very own BlawKnox rep Pete W*ll*y took us on Pavers! Cant remember who did Concreting, Crushing or Compaction!
  14. anyone remember Porky Philips 9 Sqn Staffie MPF. Now his PT sessions were a bastard.
  15. He was my Sqn QM in 8 AES, what a grumpy old bastard he was!