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Chatham House Membership - Help

A bit of a cheeky request here I know, but I am trying to get hold of an article on the Chatham House website called "British Defence Spending: Divorced from Reality" and at http://www.chathamhouse.org.uk/publications/twt/archive/view/-/id/1993. I don't have an account and I can't justify forking out a year's membership for a single article which would be extremely useful for a work task. Anyone on the site got Chatham House membership and prepared to send me a copy of the document?

Ta - PD
PoisonDwarf said:
para_medic said:
Can't access before next Tuesday, if at all. I'll let you know.
That's a bit too late unfortunately. Cheers for letting me know.

If it is related to a duty task, have you thought of sending them a begging email? It couldn't hurt!

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