Chatham have free wi-fi

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ginger_carpenter, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. Hi, Just done my b3 and was wondering if chatham has free wi-fi. Got a couple of months in TV troop, was considering if its worth investing in a internet dongle (pay as you go) type jobs.

  2. Don't know about Chatham, but I'd definately reccomend a dongle, even if it does have free wifi. I've got one from 3 (don't use them, they're rubbish), and it's invaluable. Especaially when the Mess Manager decides to stick me at the end of the mess with no wifi signal...
  3. Why would you need WiFi when you've got Prince Of Wales, the bottom floor of Command House (Thurs and Sundays :) ) and of course, the Dangerzone!
  4. The reception in south block for a dongle is bloody awful, though sat on the benches outside R&F block you get good connection with 3. Asfor WiFi, i did manage to connect my wireless internet to a network before i got a dongle but then i thought i might be stealing somones internet, lost my bottle and hid under my bed so prov couldn't find me ...

    also to add, the command house is an expensive drink, and its not exactly britians finest downstairs ... proberly is medways finest though 8O
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  6. na mate it doesnt... their is a network their but r+f block being what it is it doesnt work......dont need internet....just get yourself close to the black widow or get yourself down to the sawyers
  7. They don't have free internet yet but if you ask at the guard room, they'll arrange a full screw to iron your kit and tuck you in at night.
  8. Only the smelly ones ruin it for everyone :wink:
  9. come on Mr_Cid we all know you are medway's finest, you nearly finished yet?
  10. a crap, internet anonymity lost forever? finished 11 days ago, see you tommorow i beleieve :)
  11. mr_cid check PM's

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