I know, I know, I've said this 200 times, but instead of pissing about with politicians and suchlike, is there any chance you grown ups can sort the chatroom out?

No-one uses it anymore and it used to be popular. That's where all the best fights went on and we kept it off the main pages.

It's dog toffee. I just went in and it was empty. Please fix it!!!!!
I don't have permission to view.....apparently!
I've just poked my head around the door and it's not empty. Did one of the COs fix it?

Like Jim?
There never seems to be anyone except Bad Co when i go in there...

But that could be beacuse i only log on when at work and most other people are tucked up in bed at 0300!
I have once again grasped the thorny thistle of chat. I've ruled out anything that uses java, and anything that uses flash. Both are poorly supported, with the latter not supported at all on most mobile devices.

I've bought something called Cometchat, which runs on Rear Party and Navy Net. Last time we looked at this though it was not good for large forums so it never made it to ARRSE. This seems to have been addressed, and they do offer a hosting service, so the rest of the site shouldn't suffer from loads of chat update requests.

I'm waiting for the payments to clear then will get it online and we'll see how it goes. I have an alternative waiting in the wings if it doesn't perform well.
new chat online - bar at the bottom of the page if you're not on a mobile device or using IE6.

'Who's online' on the right shows only those people you have set as friends. Setting it to show all users nearly caused a server meltdown.

I'm not getting any sounds notifications - beeps for messages and people going on and offline. Anyone else?
The link's gone.


Book Reviewer
When did the who's online thingy appear,
Sluggy, do you think someone is trying to tell you something? Everytime you turn up everyone else leaves.
It seems to me that since the new chat has started the site is taking an age to load the pages.

Mark The Convict

Try the bottom RH corner of your screen. Mine shows a square containing 3 discs superimposed on each other. Pale grey colour, not easily seen. That's it.
How do I get rid of the chat ribbon at the bottom of the iPad? I never chat.
Easy, there is a green and white cylindrical icon to the right of the box marked "chatrooms" - click on it and the ribbon disappears and the icon becomes black and white.


When I click on Chat Rooms, it says "Stacker is a virgin. Discuss".

Now I know I'm a biffer when it comes to site issues, but this has me puzzled!

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