chat window

Yep, that'll happen if pop ups are blocked. It will register you as being in there but won't actually open the pop up window (as it will be blocked), therefore, you won't really be there.
Because you held Dale hostage and MI142 are tapping your farmhouse.

The extra burden on your connection keeps making it re route to the Kremlin where Vlad is laughing his cock off at BBC's attempts to storm our cow shed.

I hope that this has cleared things up :D
Cutaway said:
Ok Aunty - a technical problem I hope you can square away for me.

Why does the bloody thing keep magging me ?
I'm afraid that the chat window is a little tempremental and that there are certain combinations of software that it doesn't like. It would appear that your is one of them. I don't know why as plenty of other people use the same OS and Browser as you. Just one of those things I guess.....

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