Chat - Voice thingy.

May just say that the private voice chat thiingy is ace.

I've just been chatting to DavidBOC for about half an hour. It's like being on the phone to him.

You will all be pleased to know that Sgt Braille has arrived sound and well and is already a celebrity.

Cheers dads for setting that up. People should use it more.

Slug and Pirate hugs xxxxx

P.S. Sgt Braille got to watch Ice Hockey (Women Stylee).

P.P.S DavidBOC got to listen to the pirate dog when I pinched his ear and he squealed like the ginger thing he is.
You didn't set it up though did you?

We just tried and tested it first.

You've got a funny voice.

Peeps, you really should try it though, it's almost as good as Marmite on crumpets with butter.
Says the lady with the slurred speech.
I'm on my medicated vim tonight.

It's big and clever and all my friends take it.

At least I'm not ******* Canadian.

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