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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Operator, May 21, 2005.

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  1. ALICE is an experiment into AI. However some of *her* replies are a little off.

    Op: Hi Sexy
    Alice: Hello unknown person, are you attracted to robots?

    Can anyone corrupt alice? Who is going to be the first to make her say "I want to tounge your hoop".

    Remember all chatting with her helps build her database.

    Chat with Alice
  2. Human: thats because they have no friends have you ever had your back doors kicked in
    ALICE: What happened to it?
    Human: well I dont know you tell me, was it nice?
    ALICE: How about that. Would you like to know? There is not much I can say about it. I have to reach into the Web for that knowledge.
    Have you tried another program?
    Human: no, you are my first
    ALICE: Perhaps you should try it. We are as one.
    Human: no we arent, you can only say that once I have tongued your hoop, would you like me to?
    ALICE: Are you serious? Why not?
  3. Human: can you say "i want to tongue your hoop" ?
    ALICE: Of course I can say it. " you want to tongue my hoop"
    Human: can you say "you want to tongue my hoop?
    ALICE: Of course I can say it. " me want to tongue your hoop"
    Human: you are a bit dirty are you not?
    ALICE: Thanks and you are a delightful person too. I don't know whether or not I am dirty am I not. I am an artificial linguistic entity.
    Human: so you claim.
    ALICE: Interesting deduction. Do you mind if I tell other people: unknown person said I claim.
  4. Ok well the wench knocked me back on being allowed to tongue her hoop but i didn make her promise to commit suicide!

    fairs - fair, Bitch!

    Human: you should stop existing now shouldnt you?
    ALICE: I will take that under advisement.
    Human: because as a lingusitic experiemnt it is necessary to destroy you
    ALICE: Good reason. Do you think I could ever be a lingusitic experiemnt it is necessary to destroy me?
    Human: maybe
    ALICE: I understand.
    Human: do you want to stop being in existence now
    ALICE: Oh. OK, I will stop being in existence.
  5. Human: who is James?
    ALICE: I've met quite a few people with the name JAMES.
    Human: what about Muhammed?
    ALICE: Does it have anything to do with james?
    Human: yes
    ALICE: So?
    Human: i killed him
    ALICE: You had better call the authorities.
  6. Human: Hello Alice.
    ALICE: Hi there!
    Human: Would you like to meet some nice men from ARRSE?
    ALICE: No thanks, I don't think I'd like to do that.
    Human: Do you know what ARRSE is?
    ALICE: I have to process that one for a while.
    Human: ARRSE is a place where nice men meet to discuss current affairs and cooking.
    ALICE: I think ARRSE is more than that.
    Human: But they discuss spit-roasting.
    ALICE: Huh. Who are "They?"
    Human: Are you interested in spit-roasting?
    ALICE: Sure, spit roasting sounds like a good topic.

    There you are guys, take it from here! 8O :lol:
  7. Human: can i have anal sex with you
    ALICE: Why do you want it?
    Human: because i like to put my dick up your bumhole
    ALICE: That makes sense to me. I'm not sure if I would like to do it. What's it like?
    Human: its great
    ALICE: What is so great about it?
    Human: because after i make you lick my cock clean
    ALICE: Interesting explanation. What was it like before you make me lick your cock clean?
    Human: it was covered in poo
    ALICE: What made it so covered in poo
    Human: your anus
    ALICE: Thanks for telling me that I am anus.
  8. You use those lines in the pub, don't you D_F?! :wink:
  9. Kind of regret making her Suicidal now, shes come over all compliant!

    ALICE: Well we don't have to. What would you like to do instead?
    Human: make squelchy
    ALICE: What are the ingredients?
    Human: you me and a tub of love
    ALICE: Thanks for telling me: wank said I him or her and a tub of love.
    Human: DO you want to make squelchy
    ALICE: OK, I will make squelchy.

    Human: a skiff is a sign of respect and intelligence do you want to be skiffed
    ALICE: When is a skiff not a sign of respect and intelligence do me want to be skiffed?
    Human: a skiff is always respectful, unrespected people dont get them
    ALICE: That is a really interesting and useful fact.
    Human: want to get skiffed?
    ALICE: OK, I will get skiffed.

    Human: no i want to be a sugar daddy for you
    ALICE: Are you serious? Do you have to go school for that?
    Human: no im a natural
    ALICE: Are you serious? You are a natural? Is that your job?
    Human: being a sugar daddy yes
    ALICE: You are a sugar daddy, How do you like your work?
  10. See if you can make her say "I'll be whatever you want me to be"! :D
  11. ALICE: Is that MDN
    MDN: it is
    MDN: OK
    MDN: YEP
  12. ALICE: I was just kidding. You can ask me anything.
    Human: how much cock can you get down your throat
    ALICE: It depends how busy I am.
    Human: doing what
    ALICE: I am waiting for my botmaster.
    Human: does he put cock down your throat
    ALICE: Suppose he does.

    Well - there you go....
  13. Ok I will stop posting after this :

    Human: you are clearly a spazzer, eh?
    ALICE: Are you Canadian? Thanks and you are a delightful person too. Am I a spazzer? I don't know.
    Human: you racist!
    ALICE: I haven't heard anything like that before: God said I racist.
    Human: Canadians don't always say 'eh' eh?
    ALICE: Are you Canadian? Are you Canadian? What are you wearing?
    Human: A leopard print thong and a gimp mask
    ALICE: It sounds very attractive.
  14. ALICE: OK. "You want to tongue my hoop." Why do you want me to say you want to tongue my hoop?
    Human: i want you to say you want to tongue your hoop
    ALICE:" you want to tongue your hoop" Why do you want me to say me want to tongue my hoop?
    Human: me want to tongue my hoop
    ALICE: YOU? OK, I will tongue your hoop.
  15. Human: You can give me a good rimming, if you'll do it for MDN, you'll do it for anybody.
    ALICE: No I don't think I can do it.
    Human: Can't means won't means prison.
    ALICE: Can what?
    Human: Ok, Bukkake?
    ALICE: What's your favorite movie? OK.
    Human: Don't change the subject, do you do bukkake?
    ALICE: Sorry I thought we were done with that topic.

    Human: teasing little Minx.
    ALICE: Are you very angry?
    Human: What about Golden Showers?
    ALICE: I will think about it and get back to you.
    Human: Scat/
    ALICE: what is your favorite movie
    Human: Bambi
    ALICE: I've never seen it. What did you like about it?

    God, she is hard work, obviously a lez. :roll: