Chat to the leader...

Ant - lie on the form then go on the prog and give your real views - we have enough pro-drug peeps - show them another view

stickybomb said:
Sorry Ant, it's in the public interest! Are you the guy in CS95 and beret?
Nope, I was away during that event. However I was wearing CS95 and a helmet on that day... in... leek i believe it would have been. :(

Nice try though, and there is someworth while totty on the page :D

Just noticed, that chap must be from leeds UOTC as he doesn't have a clue what an iron is.
Nice try though, and there is someworth while totty on the page :D


Not time there's a do on let me know and I'll bring a few real men along and show those young girls a few of our battle scars :twisted:
If there is sufficient interest I know enough people to have a group signed in as guests.

However this would be on the condition a suitable donation was made to our resident charity the GHB. :D

Think about it chaps... Student totty! Young impressionable and they go to hull so oh soooo very dirty.

Women... young impressionable lads... who are desperate... :D
antphilip said:
young impressionable lads... who are desperate... :D
What are you suggesting 8O?

'That the women will have to make no effort what so ever. :twisted:

Hold on, what's going on here! Why has this thread been associated with the OTC and ACF!
fas_et_gloria said:
Do LUOTC recruit from Hull? Surely no-one, even a student at Hull Poly, would wear an OTC cap badge by choice. So this bloke has got into his own uniform to go to the Go Commando night?!? :roll:
Well at least with it on the OTC forum that might now get the bites it deserved... :lol:


Kit Reviewer
antphilip said:
This link was in my email box today, an interesting thought...

Alas my views of drugs are not open minded nor liberal so I wouldn't be fitted into the mold deemed worthy of chatting to Blair.
Ant, going back to a serious note, do as Poppy suggests & lie your arrse off to get on the programme.

I'm sure you can get some incisive questions from the combined thoughts of Arrse to put to The Glorious Leader and watch the barstard squirm !

If you can do it, borrow a decent digital vid cam from your Uni's 'Media Studies' department, (or whatever this week's name for that sort of thing is,) & then sell copies of Bliar spinning like a nav gyro ! I'll damn well pay good dosh for one.

All proceeds to the Glider Pilot's Regiment charity of course.
At least then his 'Man for all Seasons' act will benefit real blokes. Dutiful men who have given more than most to enable us to live in freedom.
Well, until this present mob pitched anyway ! :evil:


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Another thought Ant.

Now that your main effort is directed towards getting onto the programme, pitch up with an ARRSE polo shirt* and Sgt Slingsby - get a pic taken with him & bliar. :D

Make sure Slingsby gets a good wash afterwards to ensure he doesn't catch owt from the scumbag politico.

* You know where to get one from !

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