I am having a serious problem with the chat rooms. I have only been on once and managed to really upset those in there, by accident and I do not seem to be able to get back in. It shows that I am in the system but does not show me a chat screen of any type.

I click on chat rooms and it gives me a list of rooms. I click on the lets go bit of the the NAAFI and it says that I am in the room. But I am not.

I then try to log in again and find that the system has me in it and I cannot do anything.

What do I do now.

MM I was not ignoring you I just could not get on the system properly. Yet again sorry

God I feel stipid and perhaps I should shuffle back to my bath chair
Below is the link to the NAAFI chat room. I suggest you connect to the internet and don't open any websites (even ARRSE), click on IE, and copy this link into the address window (you may have a home page set up, but that doesn't matter if it opens first). If this doesn't work, you may have something running that doesn't allow chat to run (Windows firewall, Zone Alarm, virus software). You'll have to do trial and error by switching off each programme to figure out which one is causing it, and if you find the culprit, configure it to enable chatrooms. I had loads of problems with the AOL browser, now I only use AOL as a connection to the internet to read email, not for browsing. I use IE for that purpose.
I'll try that one or only access from work which seems to be OK if a little slow. I only wanted to crow about that shit Moron really and perhaps have a chat with MM re my hunt for GS

Resurgam, it's all trial and error mate to find which one is causing it. The chat rooms are all accessible, no restrictions, so this just narrows it down to the individual users computer, and the software it has either built in to the operating system (Windows firewall), or added (Zone Alarm, etc). I had loads of problems, and I just closed down everything (Task Manager is a good utility to find what's on as well as just going into a program and shutting it down manually), opened my internet connection, tried the chat room via IE, then started up each service to determine which one doesn't like chat.

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