Chat Rooms being Invaded by Perverts

Daily Telegraph

Chat rooms 'being invaded by perverts'
By John Steele, Crime Correspondent
Last Updated: 2:02am GMT 21/12/2006

Websites used by youngsters for social networking are "feeding grounds" for paedophiles, police warned yesterday, as they began a campaign to educate children and parents about the dangers of disclosing too much personal information or meeting people they did not know.

Sites used by youngsters are targeted by sex offenders

Metropolitan Police officers said that popular sites, such as Myspace and Youtube, were being targeted by sex offenders who hoped to lure vulnerable youngsters into the "real world" to abuse them.

Whilst some readers on ARRSE may have come to the view that I am a male of indeterminate (but not youthful) years, nothing could be further from the truth. I am in fact, a 10 year old girl called Bethany, with pigtails and freckles and everything! I like pretty frocks and dancing and Girls Aloud and ponies especially!! I really want to meet other girls of my age so that we can play with my lovely doll's house, plait each others hair, do skipping and ride my pony!!!

If you are a 10 year old girl I would really like to meet you to be my best friend!!!!

I play darts in the Dockers Arms most Thursdays, so come along and meet me one night after about 10. I'll be the one with the copy of Sporting Life and a pint of mild & bitter, sitting with my mate Len who drives forklifts. Do us a favour, and bring along a pouch of Old Holborn and some papers too - I'm running a bit low, so that'd be sweet.

See you then!



hardly news. MSN Chat closed down overnight a few years ago when they realised how much it was being abused by paedophiles. brave decision which upset a lot of consumers.
Hi bethany I am a ten year old girl also.

I have some cutters choice and would like to ride your pony. Ill be in a reflective waistcoat and am presently sporting a few days of stubble. Ill see you in the Dockers.

- i like docking.

Dear Bethany and Eleanor,
My name is Auntie Enid and I have a big house with lots of Barbie and Bratz dolls, and a complete My Little Pony collection. You are both welcome to come over for cake and biscuits and a swim in my pool. Now, who wants to suck Auntie Enid's c0ck first?

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