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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by tigger_c/s_30, Mar 14, 2004.

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  1. How come I cannot seem to get into the chat room, keep trying but to no avail?

    If you just dont want me in thats fine , will devastate my ego but however will survive :lol: .................... but can anyone help me is there some secret way of getting in there?
  2. Just noticed you in and out like the old wotsit. Reckon you must have a problem mate. Have another go - after closing your browser...
  3. New firewall stopped me getting access tonight if that helps, disabled it.
  4. It is a local chat room for local people. :?
  5. could possibly be you have an adblocker enabled or you have not downloaded the java. :!: if that is the case try
    hope it helps
  6. 'course we want u tiggs! :wink:

    ....provided u know the secret handshake of course!! :wink:

  7. Tigger, what browser are you using? If your on AOL 8, then you need to switch off your pop-up software, or try minimising AOL and open Internet Explorer and try entering ARRSE via that. If this doesn't work, you may need to either reformat your C drive, or replace the hard drive.
  8. Gunny wrote:

    Sound advice as always Gunny. Tigger, if you actually believe that i can sort you out with a new hdd which has on my honour never seen the inside of a work computer :wink:

    Joking aside the advice about AOL software and the Java download is sound. I had trouble with several chat sites using AOL before i came to BFG. Also, do you use any other firewall such as zone alarm. Its quite easy to disallow access inadvertantly, try disabling all firewalls before entering the chat room.

  9. Thanks guys next time i see anyone in there will try again :?
  10. I don't remember you coming to me........


  11. I aim to please. I've noticed your fonts seem to be out of sync with ARRSE. Could be you need new drivers for your operating system. You should try and find your System32 folder (via Windows Explorer) and just delete this completely. Then reboot. Windows will re-add the missing drivers.
  12. Well, i know your here now :D I'll remember for next time.

    Gunny, you are definately a font of geek knowledge - you cant buy advice like that. I've noticed that your emoticons are pixelated. Try accessing your mbr with a hex editor and changing all the f's to a's. Works like a dream :wink:
  13. You think so?? I do have a slight temperture. I'll book a doctors appointment, just in case. Tanx mate.