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Chat room


Book Reviewer
Won't load the flash player element on either my desk top or my craptop it looks like- just get a white screen. Was working last night/early this morning prior to the upgrade going through. No prompte to download anything either.

Tried what TL suggested. Didn't work, still a white screen where the chat box used to be. If its useful info I'm using some form of IE on both machines, IE8 on the desktop and either IE7 or 8 on the craptop. I'm also getting the arrse wiki and such like ghosting over the latest threads bit on the homepage, which again last happened after an upgrade.

it says im banned from chat but i just registered for this website today? >:$
I recall one of the operators recently telling someone who made the same enquiry to make at least 3 posts then try to enter chat; so suggest you try again. If you do get in, stick by Zero_Over and The_Snail, they're very kind and helpful. Avoid the others though.

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