Chat Room Robot

That's pretty cool. I asked her about all sorts of crazy sh*t but she twisted my words the crazy bit*h. She wouldn't take off her underwear either. :-(
Every time it said something odd I said boll*cks to that, but it just didnt get what I meant. :cry:
Rowums said:
Every time it said something odd I said boll*cks to that, but it just didnt get what I meant. :cry:
That's simple... she did not get the boll*cks bit as the AI was done by a septic. 98% of septic's do not understand the word boll*cks.

Must be bollox!
About as convincingly a real person as a turd on a string.

Interesting though.
See, just like the wife.....

Human: I bet you’ve got lovely tits Alice
ALICE: I don't think I'm your type of chatterbot.

Human: oh I don’t know....I bet you love dirty talk?
ALICE: Hmm. Me too.

Human: how about we talk rumpypumpy?
ALICE: I would like to do that too.

Human: how about bum holes?
ALICE: How about it.

Human: lick my bum hole you dirty slag
ALICE: I do not have a tongue.

Human: use your finger then sweety
ALICE: I prefer not to use dangerous things.........


Kit Reviewer
moving-target-survivor said:
See, just like the wife.....

ALICE: I do not have a tongue.

You must have a peaceful home !
Did anyone else try speaking to it in another language? Just asked it a question or two in German and got answers in German, how interesting.
Its interesting in that it remembers parts of your conversation as well, and can repeat what you said to it, and was asking to claify some sayings I used.

Interesting. Now, What I'd Like, it for it to be linked to a websearch, so you can go to a website, ask for some information and get the links you need and more.
ALICE: That's cool. Becuase you asked me to.
Human: You spelt Because wrong Ha ha ha ha
ALICE: How do you spell it?
Human: it
ALICE: Hummm...

I was amused at this...
Gunny Highway said:
She's learned much since then Gunny. Maybe she'll go out with you this time though.
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