Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by imported_admin, Mar 5, 2002.

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  1. Right men, to increase morale I've established a new facility on the camp which I have named the chat room.  It still needs a bit of decoration, but there's been a lot of PRI money spent and the IO has been shafted again to set it up.

    You are to use it or it's kerb painting for the next month.

    By the way, head down the page past the NAAFI to the bottom and click on 'join chat' or similar.


    (11pm tonight anyone?)
  2. Ermmm..... can't seem to see a link for the chat room, is it just me?
  3. Col,

    Great idea, however, anonimity is a bit lacking.  When you enter the room it displays the user name instead of the profile display name.  In my case my user name does give me away rather!

    (trying to avoid detection and to keep out of trouble!)
  4. G.I.A.O.

    Yes it must only be you.... The link is right at the bottom of the page where it says

    just below that there is a link which says

    maybe the CO could make it easier for the Int corps moderator to find ;D  ::)

    :-X  oops Scaley_wag,

    best reregister as scaley wag and delete your old username because anyone who clicks your name to see your profile can see your original Username ;)
  5. GIAO ain't the only one, it is just not on my screen, in any shape size or form. Help!!
  6. maybe I was a bit hasty....

    Did you link to the boards from the home page or have you saved the url for the boards and gone direct to them??

    If you saved the link, then you may have missed the message to change the adress you are using a couple of days ago.... The new address for the boards is

    Click here and then bookmark the page that comes up

  7. Sorry folks - should have done a CC1 e-mail about that one rather than a very short lived 'news' message that no-one reads anyway.

    The chat room is not good.  There are alternatives which I'll look at - otherwise I'll chop it I think.
  8. Chat room is still not really very good as you can't see who's in it from here (ie main site).  I'll carry on working on it as it has potential.