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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wildcard.rgbw, Jul 19, 2009.

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  1. They're is a right funny mongo in the NAAFI bar chat room get there quick he's a wannabe walt!
  2. Is it you?
  3. Don't fckin bother; just one biatch pulling the pug tails of another, and needing the big boys to kick her in the cnut for her.
  4. The_Mong is female ??
  5. Probably not, but given a scalpel, and twenty minutes I'd like to change that
  6. Jeeeze, you are thorough... or delicate-mobility-challenged :?
  7. I'm surprised how many people have piled into the chatroom. And have stayed there.

    After all, it's only a mong.
  8. I got bored after about 30 seconds
  9. Yeah, well over 20 other people haven't :roll:
  10. It takes time to graft a clitoris onto one of his knees, and make breasts out of an enormous haematoma dug from the smashed skull of his kid.

    Edited for decency
  11. The Naafi has a chat room?
  12. Well we had a good Walt in there last night, cant get one everyday I suppose.