Chat mod from hell

Gunny Highway said:
Shouldn't the sentence "Virtual fighting actively encouraged" now be changed to "Moderated Chat Room similar to AOL"?
Gunny thank you, i did point out to the room that the naafi advertises as 'Virtual fighting actively encouraged' and that PBs moderation was blantantly disregarding what it says on the tin. Only slope supported this, either beacuse hes braver than the rest of the sods or just daft.... but he did :D. Canteen 'i want panguar ban to sit on my face' Cock/cowboy started whinging about how the mod can do what they bit secretly revealed....within reason ..we can
so canteen on your philosphy - within reason i can call you a dirty cùnt? being a mod and all - within reason of course

canteen cùnt

Now canteen dont be a hypocrite and edit/delete this, you added to my previous post so you could inform me i could do what i want within reason
PB and F_S in thigh boots dispensing summary justice?

Oh my word 8O
Very many thanks for moving this from the Sports board to the you can see what I was up against last night - all those nasty boyz being rude an' everyfink....... the LANGWIDGE!!

Btw MM - please do have the courtesy of spelling my name right wont you. There's a good boy. :twisted:
Oy PB! Don't even think of popping intoi the NAAFI tonite - we're ready for ya!!

Apologies for not bringing cakes today, as promised! :D