Chat marathon

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheLordFlasheart, Oct 20, 2005.

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  1. Whos going to win the race??

    16:45 Thurs 20th Oct and there are presently 38 users in chat!!!

    Errr, why? :?: :?:

    Is Trolly dolly doing a live webcam sesh in there??
  2. I noticed the massive number in chat (now 39), but can't access it from my crappy MoD computer. :cry:

    WTF are they doing in there (Does it take that many to make Dale airtight)?
  3. I suspect that we have a case of Chat Constipation. Although I am logged in, I have not been able to actually chat, and now I cannot log out...
  4. Up to 44 now. FFS, use the telephone!

    (Are you all watching yannie/mercedes/codename commint sepuku hence the interest?)
  5. Just tried to get in to see what it was all about, can't get the cursed thing to open
  6. 45 now...
  7. also cant get in we need a better chat :(
  8. 48 and rising. Have we had a 'runnaway' up on chat?
  9. Is it good news about beebs? If so could one of them step back to the main site and let us all know?
  10. I Suspect that chat cannot log people out, so people are getting stuck in there.

    We've quantrum chatters! until the problem is fixed, we have no proof that anybody is actually there. So they can both be in chat or not at the same time!
  11. If it is beebs related, they will all be pulling on the birthing rope I suspect. (Get a Massey Ferguson, it'll be quicker).
  12. I suspect it is fcuked.... can't get in either, but i did notice that on first attempt it was at 49, then on the second attemp 53......

    wtf is going on? says that i am in there too....i'm not
  13. Using the famous Schrodinger's chat theory I see.

    Just get my coat
  14. I'm not, although I did try and all I got was a blank screen. Made slightly more sense to me than chat normally does, of course ;)
  15. apparently......