Chat help please (yes i am a mong)

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by stabradop, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. Hi folks

    Somehow i have managed to iggy a member in chat without knowing, I only became aware of this when I couldnt see his posts in the chatroom. I tried the "ignore then unignore" but unignore doesnt come up :(

    Could anyone help please? If you do you can have half my ice cream and I will give you my laboon. :lol:

    stab (mlar)
  2. seems to be a bit of random ignore happening at the moment, I've discovered that I've had several people on ignore without knowing it. The ignore/unignore worked for me though.
  3. Cheers toppers, considering it was MDN I seemed to have on iggy for no apparant reason. Would not wish to risk his wrath 8O

    heres half my ice cream and my laboon as promised :lol:

  4. hmmmm,

    window flavour...
  5. Thats a default setting on chat, you're not missing much.
  6. Mainly talk about whidgys and Maddie jokes then.....:lol:
  7. how come Ive just got a quarter of ice cream and a tenth of a laboon
    through my letter box . And what is this laboon