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Chat ban

Ummmmm... a few people were banned from chat by porridge_gun for no apparent reason, then I was banned myself... *shrug*

Any idea why? Will it be lifted? Have pmed porridge_gun with no reply. Several users were kicked and most didn't seem to have said much... any ideas?
I was banned too, have no idea why, think he is just having a giggle at everyones expense. Trust him to pick the night I am stuck at my parents with f all to do and am not able to get on MSN due to network. Chat is showing a few people that were banned back in it, anyone have any ideas as to how to get back in.
No, should I? I had been busy for about 5 mins without posting, came back and was in pm with bossyboots, then he started kicking people, I remarked upon this event (posh innit :p) (nicely) and a few seconds later I was out on my backside :?
Oh it's a man is it??? It didn't bother to say anything to me, it just banned me for saying "Oh Dear"

Must be someone who gets bullied in the real world and feels that he can regain his confidence by throwing his weight around a chatroom.
There was only me and Anya left by the time he had finished. No idea why he kicked people out, i did ask and got no reply. It was just the usual banter of chat, he entered and without a word, threw everyone out...Strange man!!

Crabby check your PM's.
I think the reason P_G banned you all is because he doesn't like you. Plain and simple! Mind you it's a fair one as you're all so boring you could send a glass eye to sleep.

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