Chas n Dave

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. Now the old man was a Desert Rat
    Khaki shorts and a khaki hat
    How me mother could have fancied that
    I just don't know
    But when the enemy came in sight
    They gave up without a fight
    They rubbed him up the wrong way
    This is what they heard him say

    Gertcha, Cowson, Gertcha
  2. Crikey were they still going? They provided the 'entertainment' the night before one of the Chichester marches in the mid 1980s. I never realised how many beer cans a crowd could hold.
  3. Gertcha!!



    :D :D

    These gents blessed us by appearing when we (2RTR) changed the Colours mid 80's.
    My Mum and Dad were 2 tables away from them and were well chuffed...(or was it the commissioned wine that did it ?)
    It could also have been HM her Maj 3 tables away that did it mind.....

    Either way, nostalgia at its peak....

    Gertcha, you cow son.....
  4. Snakey, I bet you're gutted aren't you? Don't give us this "my mum and dad" mullarky, I bet you had all their LPs and stuff. In fact, I think I remember seeing your "Rabbit Rabbit" t-shirt and matching undypundies.

    You can't fool us you know......
  5. Bitch !!
  6. In fact....... Gertcha cow son !!