Chas and his missus commemorate the Battle of the Somme

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bugsy, Jul 2, 2006.

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  1. Although a lot of people consider him a bit of a berk, Chas certainly and unerringly gets his priorities right with regard to the Armed Forces. Fair play to the man!,,1810794,00.html

    I might have missed it, but where was Phoney Tony on this occasion? Or indeed anybody else from his bunch of slimy, corrupt crooks?

  2. Where was HM The Queen?. I would have thought she might have been there for such an occasion.

    Phoney Tony was in East London yesterday....
  3. I think you'll find Chuck and Millie were representing her, saves the Frogs having to wheel out their head of state to escort her...

    (The fact that this is a cheap shot at Lizy Windsor isn't lost here and shows you should be awarded the order of the three lips for being a cnut and a half!)
  4. My comment was not a cheap shot, it was a perfectly straight forward question. you lower the thread with your language!!
  5. Buy a quality newspaper and check the court circular if you wanna know the answer you back peddling t!t!
  6. Lets see now, Could she be up in Holyrood House this weekend and next, Wan**k.