Chartered Engineer Course

Has anyone done this course, if so what is it like?
What are the requirements to get on the course?
I know this is a very broad question but im just looking for any info.
Thanks very much
A BSc or BEng in Civil, Structural, Electrical or Mechanical engineering is the minimum educational requirements civvy wise. I don't know what officer Army qualifications you need. I believe you have to be a senior Capt to apply.

There are two courses: civil and E & M (alothough you specialise in E or M depending on background). The course is split into 4 phases: academic at 1 RSME for about 4 months or so, 9 months attached to a civvy company as a designer, 9 months attached to a civvy company as a project manager then a month at 1 RSME prepping for you professional interviews for CEng status etc.
Ah ok and it says that it is possible to do the course in you know anything about that?
And what are the opportunities to study for an in-service degree?
The attachment to civilian companys often takes place in Australia. I believe there are other attachment options including America.

You get an MSc from the course. I don't know enough about in service degrees to give you any proper information about them; sorry.


You are confusing two different things.

The Chartered Engineer course (sometimes referred to as "Professionally Qualified") is the route down which serving Sapper officers can go to obtain Chartered Engineer status. This implies that the individual already has a related degree, and has some experience. The course is therefore in-Service professional development, combining theoretical training, with practical experience with civilian contractors and consultants as described above. Some of this experience may be gained through attachments to companies overseas. Individuals doing this course will usually be captains with 5-8 years commissioned service.

As far as gaining a degree is concerned, there are a number of different routes, from sponsorship whilst studying, through to taking a degree in Service (for both officers and SNCOs). You best bet here is to talk to an officer recruiter - see the links in the Sticky section at the top of the Sapper board.
I didn't know in service degrees were open to SNCO's.

I think the guys going on the civil course have be qualified to IEng status but am not sure about the E & M course.


plant_life said:
I didn't know in service degrees were open to SNCO's.
As a full time option they aren't, but CofW and Geo can study for degrees as an extension of their training on the back of the quals that they get in their courses.
I don't know the details for the degree which Chatham have bought in. I am doing a BSc (Hons) in Construction Management using my HND as background. I got 5 modules acreditation which was sweet. For those out there who are interested look at the College of Estate Management ( as they do some good degrees.

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