Mrs Birddog was watching Sky the other day and I caught the end of a programme called Charmed.
Basically its about 3 Sisters who are witches.

While watching it I became attracted to all three Sisters all who's first names begin with P.

I expect from the clothes they wear this programme is a big hit with the guys as all three were really fit and visions of 4 way naked twister popped into my mind.

After this we watched Stargate SG1 and despite a dodgy plot I felt the blonde female Major was in need of some "attention".

Glad to see not all Sky soaps are barren featureless deserts in terms of totty.
Put it this way Birddog, I've got all 7 series of Stargate that have been released on DVD. Her name is Amanda Tapping, but then the nurse is good-looking as well, she's Teryl Rothery.

Oh and Andromeda has some very nice women as well.
Why is this in here?
They're talking about Sci-Fi babes ain't they? Kirsten Cloke would get it (SaaB) and that Major Ivanova from B5 is just dirt.
Teryl Rothery is actually the doctor

speaking of sci fi babes lexa doig from andromeda and linda parks from star trek enterprise would definitely get from me

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