Charlotte Madison Apache Pilot

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by tropper66, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. I noticed that the Sun are serialiseing her book I wonder if it will be as good as "Apache" in which she also appears, its due out soon
  2. I’ve killed more than Harold Shipman, Jack The Ripper and Myra Hindley put together.

    Extract Here
  3. why would you liken yourself to sick child killers?
  4. great arse!
  5. So the SCUM can serialize it?
  6. Professional rivalry, I isn't a pretty sight.
  7. I'm not sure about Harry Shipman though.
  8. Because you want to sensationalize your book and sell more copies?

    Because you're not just a mindless automaton, and occasionally reflect on things you've done?

    Just a couple of ideas.
  9. Is that really her on the cover? I have my doubts.

    But agree sparky8.
  10. Hang on! Harold Shipman was doing us all a favour bumping of those grannies. His only fault was taking their money!
  11. And Jack the Ripper was just misunderstood.
  12. And as such wasn't a child killer, his efforts bump up the age average so its ok.
  13. I disagree. I read that part too and thought it was the most stupid comment I've read. She was on about how cool it was to kill everyone in a gridsquare IIRC, surely it would be cool to offer your guys support on the ground instead of portraying yourself as someone who likes killing people, and as for the 'I've killed more people than Myra Hindley' comment, that put me off. Trying to beat Myra Hindleys kill count? It's a little bit off scale to me, Hindley killed helpless children, she kills insurgents trying to kill our guys on the ground. Perhaps, 'I've killed more people than Rambo' would have been sensationalizing and less offensive. Sexist I know, but to me, it also sounds very wierd to hear of a woman bragging about killing people. I don't know, these are only my opinions that sit on probably the wrong side of the fence than most.
  14. "During the daring Jugroom Fort rescue, Charlotte became the first British pilot since WWII to use all her ammunition in one mission."

    Now this sounds a dodgy claim