Charlotte Church Bappage

Aaaaarghhhh.....I turned across just to check the artistic value of the programme :wink: and those cnuts McFly were on, torturing somebody's else's song as usual. Karaoke for 12 yr olds. I wish they would die horribly.
There was billie piper and gwen stefani on the show with her.

Them pair and charlotte church, now what a sandwich that would be :D
Gwen Stafani Is STUNNING! And how the fcuk Charlotte Chuch got her own show I don't know..
1. She is really bad at reading the autocue.
2. If I was an English presenter on Welsh(Welch) TV I am sure I would not be able to Slag Wales off, but she seems to be able to put England down with total immunity.. Ah well that pretty much sums up this great 'PC' nation we live in.... :frustrated:
Katherine Jenkins is the way ahead. I was on duty the back end of last year and saw her on Songs of Praise - fucking incredible bangers.

Not the thing you should be thinking about watching that programme. Wrong in so many ways.

As for a sandwich, Charlotte Church AND her mam, then downstairs and free bar. (Hold that thought).
Do you think you can distract me from adoration of the fat-arsed Cardiff slapper Ms Church by showing me pictures of La Jenkins' baps and woman-fork? Well you might be right...but that's not important right now!
Invictus_88 said:
Sorry chaps, but baps like that are easy to come by in the Englsh community, so there's no need to resort to the Welsh!
Fair enough, let's have a, "Compare and contrast...," then:


*Purely gratuitous posting.
Jesus, she's looking like Jordan!

Would comment on the Jenkins pic, but it's about the size of a postage stamp & people think I'm odd enough already without dribbling into my keyboard from about 3"

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