Charlotte Church Bappage

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_0ne, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. The_0ne

    The_0ne Old-Salt

    Anyone got her new show on?

    Its on channel 4 and shes got her top undone, can proper see cleavage :hump:
  2. Aaaaarghhhh.....I turned across just to check the artistic value of the programme :wink: and those cnuts McFly were on, torturing somebody's else's song as usual. Karaoke for 12 yr olds. I wish they would die horribly.
  3. Katherine Jenkins is far nicer even if she is from Neath!
  4. The_0ne

    The_0ne Old-Salt

    There was billie piper and gwen stefani on the show with her.

    Them pair and charlotte church, now what a sandwich that would be :D
  5. grey_mafia

    grey_mafia Old-Salt

    Gwen Stafani Is STUNNING! And how the fcuk Charlotte Chuch got her own show I don't know..
    1. She is really bad at reading the autocue.
    2. If I was an English presenter on Welsh(Welch) TV I am sure I would not be able to Slag Wales off, but she seems to be able to put England down with total immunity.. Ah well that pretty much sums up this great 'PC' nation we live in.... :frustrated:
  6. Young miss Church should be placed across my knee and spanked until he botty is glowing and she is howling like a dog..........Kleenex please.
  7. I wouln't mind nobbing miss church's mum, going through a bit of a milf phase at the moment, AND she's got a pub....bargain
  8. deerhunter

    deerhunter War Hero

    Katherine Jenkins is the way ahead. I was on duty the back end of last year and saw her on Songs of Praise - fucking incredible bangers.

    Not the thing you should be thinking about watching that programme. Wrong in so many ways.

    As for a sandwich, Charlotte Church AND her mam, then downstairs and free bar. (Hold that thought).
  9. So they should be, she paid a fortune for them.
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP RIP

    She does have a fair pair of baps on her......Makes up for her being Welsh!

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  11. Cuddles

    Cuddles LE

    CC - aah, she is THE woman you shouldn't fancy but do!
  12. hedgie

    hedgie War Hero

    Jenkins is gorgeous

    But Church she is just down right Durty

    Give me Charlotte any day
  13. Cuddles

    Cuddles LE

    Jenkins is a skinny, operatic, biatch...Church would respond well to the type of foreplay best encapsulated as "Brace yourself Charlotte!"
  14. Mangonel

    Mangonel Old-Salt

    On the other hand, Cuddles.....

  15. Ms Jenkins....... :headbang:

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