Charlie Wilson's War 2011 / Libya War Compensation

It looks increasingly likely that the rebel opposition in Libya will be provided with weapons and maybe training to jumpstart their flagging campaign against pro Gaddafi forces who now seem in the ascendency despite the coalition no fly zone.

Will a Charlie Wilson 2011 character emerge from all of these diplomatic wranglings and can we expect a film in 10 years or so spilling the beans / true story?

This campaign is not free and if the rebels do suceed I suggest they (the new Libyan govenment) should contribute to each and every citizen of the tax paying members of the 'coalition' with at the very least a couple of free tanks of their petrol.
Wahey, back to familiar ground
Ignore the Humanitarian crisis that will emerge from an offensive action planned in less than a month without an exit strategy and lets make it a war for cheap oil, we can do these!

Not having an end state or exit strategy has done us no harm in the past.

Lets concentrate on the "Truman Doctrine" before we move onto the (in many ways necessary) Marshall Plan.

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