Charlie Gilmour to be Sentenced Today?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Grimly_Fiendish, Jul 15, 2011.

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  1. What, you don't think that the "well m'lud, I may be studying History at Cambridge but I simply did not know what the Centotaph was" is going to work?

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  2. Much as I would like to see this pasty-faced, androgynous twit get the book thrown at him, it won't happen.

    *By God, 2,500 posts.....another of life's milestones attained.
  3. I hope he gets time as he looks like the sort of **** who'll have a good melt down, on his knees crying like a girl maybe even a choked out 'Mum!' as he's dragged off to the prison van.
  4. Sincerely hope the book is well and truly chucked at him. Swinging off the flag on the Countries most sacred memorial is unforgivable.

    I will be watching this twunts career closely if he gets so much as a shelf stacking job in Tesco's I will be writing to them informing them I will be boycotting their products.

    Granted, we were all young once and we have all done things we regret.......... But that was as unforgivable as the other low life's who urinate on memorials around the Country.

    Lets hope by tonight he is getting his rectum stretched in the Scrubs!!!
  5. In fairness to the spoiled little prick.....

    If I'd been on leave in London at his age, and found myself in the middle of a violent demo I would definitely have kicked off. I'd have had no problem attacking the police, smashing up property and doing a bit of looting; especially if I'd had a few beers that afternoon. I suspect many others here would have done the same if they're going to be honest about it....
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  6. Would you have attacked Prince Charles' car as well?
  7. If he is sent to jail he'll be doing that a lot...:hump:
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  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Student from York who was in Fortnum and Masons Demo got a year
    We can but hope
  9. It's a fair comment, but there's a difference between a good riot and overstepping the mark . . ?
  10. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Looking forward to the slap on his limp wrist- £50 and some community service bollx painting a scout hut!
  11. But wasn't that becasue he nearly killed some plod with a fire extinguisher?

    Probably a difference between that and being in possession of a stupid haircut and a unusual PR approach?
  12. I'm hoping that, when he gets sent down later today, the bloke who mutters "Mind your fingers, Sonny" as he slams the door shut with a wry smile is an ex-Serviceman.
  13. I dunno about him eating fire and ice, but in the unlikely event of him getting a custodial sentence he may find himself having to try some new and unusual delicacies in the swallowing department.
  14. You have a point. The lad has changed his 'image' for the courtroom appearance. Short haircut, sober dark suit with white shirt and tie supported by two respected and well known parents ( not short of a bob or two) What's the odds of him doing a bit of bird?