Charlie Gilmour Is Appealing

Not to me, he's not!
"Charlie Gilmour Is Appealing"

Oh no he's not...he's mingin'!!
Just done a quick check and regrettably I do not think it can be increased ... see linky ... If someone appeals against a jail sentence and it goes the wrong way whats the worse that could happen? - Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers . I believe he had a Crown Court trial so he has nothing to lose , apart from some more of his parent's money , and everything to gain .
That's a shame.... hopefully his cell mates are making him feel as if he's receiving a long stretch. :)


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Wide, long, just so long as he's feeling the love in the room.


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Fine. Let Charlie appeal. If he fails then they should put him in a cell with Damien Fowkes with the instruction... "Oi Damien, look after this little fella, he has fiddled with kids but basically hes a nice bloke"
If he really is Charlie Gilmour then it'll be the pipe of Big Geoff.
I read the details of his appeal in my torygraph this morning. How ******* stupid does he believe the court to be for ****'s sake? I mean, I know he is up his own arse about his intelligence and his intellectual company he keeps...but he must be ******* doollaly tap!

He claims he didn't know about the Cenotaph because he is a country boy. Well he looks like, behaves like and for all I know smells a lot like a towny boy - down to his rather affected dress. Stand fast the nice court-appearance suit his mum popped him into last time out the traps. Charlie poppet, I grew up in darkest rurality but I could have recognised the Cenotaph in an ID parade, just as I and hopefully the judge, can recognise a chiselling, smug, weaseling little ****.
Just demonstrates the imbeciles calibre...

Can't just man the fcuk up and take his punishment like a man. He has to go running for appeal, no doubt sucking his mummies boobies whilst at it.

The weak individual.
Some of you may be wondering what pretty boy Gilmore's arse looks like after all that banged up time, here's an artists impression:


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