charlie gilmore takes tentatve step in to lefty writing...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Jul 8, 2012.

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  1. I like this bit the best...

    I would look at it more from the point of view that the criminal had already fcuked off anything that society had 'invested' in them, when they did what they did to end up in clink. Likewise the ability to 'shake of' civic resposibility is probably more palatable, esp if you can blame it on prison. The criminals in prison were hardly modles of civic responsibility when they went in.
  2. It's bog standard these days, isn't it? A shit who is arrested and banged up for doing something shitty then gets a column and a chat show out of it.

    The career pattern works best, though, for yer middle classes, or for someone related to a celeb / guitar tormentor.

    The amazing thing is that it's quite often the Daily Mail - the paper that has the biggest outrage bus of them all when they're nicked - that ends up paying them for their celltime apercus as soon as they're released.
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  3. Lets just remind ourselves of how much of a poisonous little twat he is:

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  4. Are you suggesting Mr Paul Dacre might not be a man of integrity?
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  5. He may have no integrity, but he's a savvy bugger. He gets a hit from both markets; first the outraged majority (kerching!) and later all the yummy mummies worried about the poor, reformed lamb -after all, it's not as though he's black or poor or anything (kerching!).

    Is that the sound of a huge pile of cash entering Dacre's trousers I hear?
  6. Sharp ear for rich cocks?

    How long before Gilmour tells us about the ladyboys?
  7. I was hoping for a dit about Bubba and the soap.
  8. Weren't we all! I wonder... Jarrod, would you do him?
  9. Course I would, he clearly craves the meat of a real man.
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  10. Perhaps it merely shows how much faith the Plod have in the fact that this odiouds little twat is a complete farkin belter....
  11. I'm thinking of selling Charley Gilmore anatomically correct* voodoo dolls, long hair, black coat, clutching bits of flag and made out of best quality bio beeswax complete with pins. Would anyone here be interested?

    * It has no dick whatsoever, but you can push a voodoo model pineapple (£2.50 extra) sideways up it's arse.
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  12. What a slimy, self pitying, little twat.

    He should be scrubbing war memorials clean all over the county until his fingers bleed instead of using them type this drivvel.

    I do hope he gets cancer.
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  13. But generally only if they have a celebrity connection and a fruity looking mum.

    Personally I'd have him and Otis Ferry bathed in antelope blood and then sent cage fighting with Leopards
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  14. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    His career in Big Brother, the Only Way is Essex and other shining beacons of chavdom seems assured.

    The only small mercy will be that he won't suddenly start sprouting an enormous pair of plastic tits....