Charlie Gilmor letters

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by charlie gilmor, Sep 20, 2011.

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  1. I got a mention! I'm famous! For the right reasons Gilmor you hapless halfwit.

    How's your ring piece?
  2. Smudger How do I send a letter of support?
  3. I think I sent a "comment" on his gay website
  4. "I am locked up for 16 months in Wandsworth Jail. To commemorate this period in my life I am writing the following diary. O woe is me who believes this. Am I dumb or are you stupid? History shall be my judge."

    Wow, is that really you, Charlie? I'm star-struck! Can I have an autograph? I feel it will fetch a fair penny in years to come when history judges you to be a unjustly incarcerated martyr who fought the system and won the admiration of a generation!

    and to answer your conceited question; dumb, you ******* no mark.
  5. Oi Gilmour! What's the buttsechs like?
  6. Don't get excited. It's a spoof. Charlie Gilmour can probably spell his own name correctly.
  7. No-one actually thought they were speaking to him through that site, did they?
  8. errr, :? :)
  9. To be fair........I did.

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  10. Shit, me too
  11. His stepdad is a fcuking awesome guitarist though
  12. Obviously a bit of a throbber in the parenting department though.