Charlie G

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Gadgwah, May 27, 2012.

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  1. Er, yeah.

    Good eh?
  2. O my God this will start my nightmares and flashbacks off
  3. The people who want it probably aren't the ones who had to carry it. Remember the "suitcase" for the rockets?!
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  4. Never used it, but judging by the old and bold comments, it would seem like a step backwards.

  5. Memories of the thin carrying strap cutting into your shoulder.....
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  6. Only if we ctually brought back the old one. The M3 is a new one. Made from fibre glass and kevlar and other light but strong things (it's half the weight). New and improved ammo too.

    There are about 10 countries using this thing including teh Aussies, New Zealanders, Spams,Scandanavians and Estonians... The US SF mob are particularly taken I beleive.

    The best round (not availabe with the original CharlieG) has to be the Area Defence Round. Basically a 84mm shotgun cartridge full of darts.

    You can fit any picatinny sight to it aswell. The Cannucks were using it early on during Fingal, for night shooting they were using Snipers to indicate the target with spotting rounds (think 84mm LAW) and then launching a 84 at the designated spot. Charlie Gs were fitted with night scopes.
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  7. An anti-personnel round was available for the 84mm MAW (Carl Gustav), we just didn't have occasion to use it!
  8. Never knew that.

    I only used the HEAT rund and the training rounds.
  9. This is the legacy of the cold war.

    Ever bigger mass produced disposables designed to give every infantry section a chance against the advancing russian armour when fighting in defence, sadly they turned out to be a bit pant's at everything else.

    So we see the return of the recoiless rifle that will fire something other than just a HEAT round, taking them out of service in the first place was very short sighted.

    The abilty to reach out and twat someone with a white phos round is not to be underestimated, those pesky russian are very keen on thermobaric RPG rounds for similar reasons.
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  10. But will Bofors ever invent a Belt Fed Charlie G?
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    AIRBORNEJOCK War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    There is a fibreglass version that the aussies use on ops which seems good to me (fired it in oz) they use the metal one for training as the fibre glass one can only fire a certain amount of rounds before its fucked.
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  12. Being as my second post states I never used it, How am I supposed to know of something that you are intimate with.

    It could have been the A1 Charlie G.

    Again my second post states that I thought it was a step backwards, until someone pointed out that this is fibreglass, therefore lighter, so it was a genuine question,