Charlie Charlie 1 All RE Sparkies for 17th Edition!

Gents and Ladies,
If you are an RE Electrician you need to be 17th Edition trained by July. If you were not aware, there is an online 17th edition package on the Defence Learning Portal Linky. On completion of the package you will get the C&G qual for the 17th.
To do this, you need to be registered on the DLP through your chain of command. For those in RE units, see your RCMO as this info was distributed in Nov. However take up has been poor, which is why I'm flagging this up here.
For those in Non RE units go through CPD at Chatham or the trade wing.
Its in your own interests to do this and its free. :wink:

Anyone can register for it and undertake the learning although CPD will only pay the £30 for the C&G exams for ME (Elec) and Clk Wks E. Therefore if a fridgemech takes himself through the learning, he will need to register with and pay £30 to a local college to do the exam there.

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