Charley Boorman last night

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by headgash, Sep 15, 2008.

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  1. Did Charley Boorman have a Help for Heroes wristy on last night during his trip through Georgia, Iran etc, or am I seeing things?
    If so top Geezer, see y'all at Twickers Saturday.
  2. Not sure, but my immediate thoughts on seeing him on another world jolly were

    1. Obviously not much acting work in the pipeline
    2. His wife and kids must be threaders that he's thinned out again
    3. The "longway round" franchise is running out of steam
  3. I fecking hate that walting pric Charley Boorman, Who the feck is he and what acting has he done?? As far as Im concerned he is that posh jocks posh English mate who i wish to get skinned alive or preferably gang raped and sent home from Africa with the 7 year flu. Pair of muppets. Should have called it The Long Reach Around
  4. I get the impression you haven't joined his fan club then?
  5. Help For Heros or not, this bloke is taking the pish! The Long Way Round was at least a challenging expedition, this is a swan. It's what thousands of backpackers do every day, the huge difference being resources, they are unlimited in his case. Oh it's really tiring sleeping on a train is it, oh dear it's a logistical nightmare getting the girls in London to do my admin, I'm going to act like a 3 year old because someone has the name Fahti.

    Boorman, you are a prize tee-wat.
  6. In what way is he a walt?
  7. Pretending to be an actor?
  8. Strange then that I've seen him in three films and I'm far from being a movie buff.
  9. Thought it was lacking without Ewan Macgregor
    As for Boorman the clue is in his surname.
  10. ..and yes, he was wearing a Help for Heroes wrist band.
  11. Its refreshing to see a more everyday bloke on TV doing something like this rather than some made-up ponce pretending to be nice to the camera and other people.

    A mate of mine is working on one of Ewan's bikes - he says he's a right moody twat and nothing like what he seems to be on TV.

    Having said that, the whole franchise is looking a bit tired now. Perhaps we should think of something more novel for him to do... like Iraq->Iran->Afghanistan->Pakistan hitch-hiking by means of a goofy smile.
  12. He was in these films (mainly courtesy of Daddy who directed many of them):

    Deliverance (1972)
    Excalibur (1981)
    The Emerald Forest (1985)
    The Serpent's Kiss (1997) - Met Ewan on this one
    The Bunker (2001)

    Admittedly he does seem to have done his fair share of resting!


  13. For a start he is IRISH, you fcukin knob and actually speaking from someone who has actually met him he is a very nice bloke and not at all stuck up like some. I actually enjoy his adventures, okay Long Way Down was a bit pish but I think that had something to do with Ewan being a hissy madam wanting to bring his mrs along on a 'lads jolly boys'..... :roll:
  14. Cheers CrapSpy,just wondered thats all,sorry if I upset anyone.
  15. English or Irish he's still a posh cnut. ''Actually enjoy his adventures'' do you? Sad.. Sad cnut!