Charles Wheeler RIP

Not much response to such a significant event - if it was someone like the fool who can't drive in a straight line no doubt there'd be pages. My excuse, I was abroad on an MoD project.

However, I expect he will be celebrated for his 'in your face' TV journalism rather than a member of No.30 Cdo AU and second in command to the real 'James Bond'.

The Beeb TV/Radio are broadcasting some past programmes on Wheeler and his work which have historical significance for those so interested, the first tomorrow the 22nd on BBC2 at 19:00.

There are some other WWII docu’s which will probably emerge over time, and well worth recording. e.g. An authoritative sort out of the Merville battery episode.

Allegedly hard to work with/for, but not unexpected when you have someone who knows what they’re doing and can’t be bothered with vacuous lovies and brown-noses.

Thanks and respect. :salut:

Oh I noted his passing but prefer to mark such moments quietly.

Another of those "gentleman" reporters- Wicker also springs to mind- who inform/ed and report/ed subjects without shouting or pontificating and who were part of my growing years.
There was the quiet understating of facts presented with the authority of someone who either had personal knowledge or had studied the subject to a good depth.

A man of the black and white tv era, when sensationalism rarely reared its' head.
When tv programmes could be believed and were judged by the quality of the presenter.
I met and had a chat with Charles Wheeler in about 1990 in one of the more volatile parts of the world. He came across as quite a gentleman, very professional and an all-round good egg. I met a few other journos at much the same time, Charles was head and shoulders above them and definately old school.
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