Charles to unveil Bali memorial

The Prince of Wales is to unveil a permanent memorial in central London to the 202 victims of the Bali bombings.

The ceremony will take place on 12 October - four years after the attacks on the Indonesian island.

The sculpture at Clive Steps, opposite St James's Park, will comprise a marble globe with 202 carved doves.

With all due respect, as a born Londoner, what did the 52 victims of 7/7 only get, a memorial service at Saint Pauls. They deserve a fitting memorial Mr bLIAR!!!.
i can think of a few more worthy groups and individuals who should get a memorial erected in this country (theirs too!) rather than a bunch of foreign nightclubbers who had the misfortune to get themselves blown up when they were busy getting pissed, high and gyrating like mad monkeys.
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