Charles Taylor at the Hague facing crimes against humanity

This one slipped past me:

Charles Taylor Arrives in the Hague
By Douglas Farah

Charles Taylor, former president of Liberia accused of systematic and massive crimes against humanity, has arrived in the Hague to stand trial for his atrocities. He will likely be staying at the Milosevic suite, but perhaps will stay alive through the trial.

The trip from Freetown, Sierra Leone, where the charges against him were lodged by the U.N.-back Special Court for Sierra Leone, marks the end of one phase of the saga that saw Taylor flee Liberia, receive asylum in Nigeria, attempt an escape and then be held under shaky security in Sierra Leone.

The Special Court will still conduct the trial, not the ICC. The ICC is simply lending its secure facilities to hold Taylor who, after all, escaped from a U.S. prison in Massachusetts before starting his murderous exploits in Africa that plunged an entire region into chaos.

A friend of Hezbollah, al Qaeda, Viktor Bout and other terrorist and criminal organizations, Taylor presided over wars and conflicts that devastated an entire region, and cost hundreds of thousands of lives. He enjoyed the friendship and complicity of Gadaffi in Libya, Compaore in Burkina Faso and several other heads of state. He befriended Pat Robertson, Jesse Jackson and others across the Christian spectrum with his ability to appear to be a simple Baptist minister.
About bloody time. I'm still suprised he wasn't killed years ago.
He's a foul, foul bastard, nothing is too bad that can happen to him

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