Charles Kennedy, p*ssed!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Howler, Aug 29, 2006.

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  1. Do any other ARRSers feel a little disturbed by the whole Charles Kennedy affair?

    I know he has a problem and should be pittied, but here is a man who held a position of considerable importance and hid it from the public on at least one occasion.

    It is conceivable that he could have been the next PM and what? ordered a battalion drop on Tehran after a vodka session? a bombing strike on Beijing while trying to control DTs? :p

    I just think elected statesmen should adhere to a high level of personal and moral behaviour. I also feel a bit hoodwinked over the whole thing and have had the p*ss taken out of me.

    Sorry if this has been mentioned previously.

  2. Kennedy stood down as leader of the Lib Dems, end of story. Who gives a flying Fcuk if he is on the bottle again. Good luck to the man, have a drink on me Charlie boy..
  3. Well this is well timed , what with the rumours of Charles being allowed out to play on the front benches again.....
  4. It's the fine line between what should remain private and what should remain public. If CK had made public that he was a p1$$head than he would have recieved support, in fact it would probably have worked in his favour as far as popularity goes.

    Yes, I wish all politicians would 'open up' when they have a problem 'so we can all help tham and have a laugh at them'!! Could you imagine Prestcott? "I'm having a right time of it right now, I'm shagging my secretary".
  5. MM
    I was under the impression he was given an ultimatum, whilst shaking, to resign or suffer the embarrassment of a vote of no confidence by his party.

    That's what I object to.

    Now it's fine, let him drink himself into oblivion.
  6. By all accounts Winston Churchill spent much of the time p*ssed between 39 and 45. He seemed to do pretty well.

    If sobriety means acting like the present bunch of monkeys' scrota who are in charge, then it should be trebles all round in the commons bar.
  7. Fair to say that Charles Kennedy half cut was twice as good as Menzies is now. I don't have a problem that he kept his alchoholism to himself, once he had announced that he was an alchoholic, there was no way that he was going to be allowed to stay in the job. He tried to carry it off, but didn't manage it.

    Good luck to him I say, I hope he kicks the habit. He is clearly a talented (and politically honest) bloke, whether you like his politics or not.
  8. Well said Fred.

    This is another 'leaked' story , the purpose of which is to restrict Kennedy's return to the front benches. I won't guess who is responsible for the leak, but j'accuse the same parties responsible for the leak that led to the party leadership debacle.The knitting circle is on borrowed time, and this is another desperate effort to stop the Right of the party gaining ascendancy. I personally think CK sober, or even half-cut was more than a match for Blair at the despatch box. A sober CK ,or a leader with his intelligence and ability with a nice bright set of new fangs is something I believe the party needs.
  9. woss D-D-D T-T-Teees then? *hic*
  10. Hid this important position from me; I only thought he was leader of the Lib Dems.
  11. I think he meant to say impotence rather than importance
  12. It didn't really bother me that he had a drink problem, he seemed to hold it together well. It also showed him to be just a normal bloke.

    Plus it was not like he was ever likely to have the keys to the nukes, to many aids to look after him.

  13. Well said. Anyone see the documentary thing on the tv a week or 2 ago? It had Charles Kennedy talking to a load of interviewers about how they interviewed people like him. It was pretty interesting.
  14. Similar accounts for Yeltsin - and he had control of nuclear weapons!

    I don't know where you're coming from Howler. Kennedy, like the rest of us should be entitled to a private life. If he chooses to spend it drinking, then thay is his concern. We need only be concerned if he is unable to perform his duties in a proper fashion. My understanding is that this was becoming the case and his party took action. End of story.


    Edited to add: If I had to face that number of Lib-Dems every day, I'd probably take up drinking too.
  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Churchill was certainly a drinker but I doubt he was p1ssed that often: he drank very dilute brandy and soda waters most of the time, maintaining a relatively low alcohol level. Asquith, on the other hand, was regularly totally sh1t-faced when leading the country during WW1 (another Liberal leader - is this part of a pattern? :D ).

    It's not really a leak, is it? This is from a book by a political journalist which is being serialised now (or about to be serialised). It's unfortunate timing for Kennedy, no doubt but I would suspect there's nothing too sinister about it.