Charles and Camilla

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by YANK60, Apr 9, 2005.

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  1. Are you guys watching this wedding? Any thoughts on it?
  2. Immediately............good luck to them.
  3. I think the Queen looks pretty good, considering her age. She looks better than Charles, I'll say that much. And what was that thing on Camilla's head? Looks like a piece of sagebrush.
  4. Missed it, but wish them the very best. Much of the nation's press disagree, but they're just full of it.
  5. She looked good and he looked happy, good luck to them, I wish them well.
  6. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Good news and well done to Prince Charles. Its only the media who state that the nation is divided on the issue, 99.9% of Britain are not concerned. Its been eight years since Diana died and the media should let it go. The man is entitiled to his own happiness.
  7. Very positive move. Very best to them both
  8. I agree. I have never understood this process of building people up in the public eye and then gleefully tearing them down. I guess it's all about money. Scandal and controversy sells. Good news doesn't.
  9. I didnt plan on watching the Church blessing, but returned from down town to find mrs hackle unexpectedly in full QA SD and waving the Union Flag :wink:

    Very moving to hear the Russian Orthodox creed so beautifully sung. I was also moved to see the newly-weds shaking hands outside St Georges Chapel with the Rt Rev David Conner, Dean of Windsor and Bishop to Her Majesty's Forces. The last time I saw the Rt Rev shaking hands with anyone, it was with some very fine but informally-dressed residents of the Displaced Persons Camp at Plemetina.

    I can hardly bear to type this, but Piers Morgan was rather good as one of the commentators!

    I think that the Duchess of Cornwall will delight most of us in the coming years, and contribute much to the Royal Family and the public life of our country. Good luck to the newly weds.
  10. It's a British thing. We f*cking excel at it. Just watch the press change sides over the next few weeks. 2 faced c*nts.
  11. Hackle mate, tell me that you didn't pass up on the chance with your missus in her nurse's kit to watch some other buggers wedding?
  13. Biscuits you SICK F*CK she had QA kit on................what sort of chubby lover are you??? 8O
  14. I thought lady zara's dress was bloody awful, I would make her take it off.
  15. The very best to both of them.
    May they be very happy.