Charles and Camilla postpone wedding

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CrapSpy, Apr 4, 2005.

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  1. Charles and Camilla have postponed their wedding until Saturday.

    Does that bugger up anybody's plans? CGS?
  2. Yep.
    Means another days hire fee for the suit!- As if.
  3. Now they'll be serving day old cake and stale sticky buns at the Palace... and all that PR work down the drain as they're nuptuals become a footnote to the hoopla surrounding the send off for J2P2..[ which, in my humble opinion, is where they should be anyway ]..

    Feel sorry for Chucky, though, all that work to rehab his image only to be upstaged and having to sit beside Tony Bliar at the service in Rome...
  4. They say the wedding is delayed so Chuck can go to the Pope's funeral. Two questions:

    First, the Queen isn't going to the wedding, why doesn't she go to the funeral? She does still outrank Chuck.

    Second, if the Queen can't go, why not send William? Sounds like a good opportunity to get him some Royal experience.

    I'm not taking the piss here, these are questions that have been raised by the media here, and not totally without merit.
  5. As a bloke said on the news. All those mugs with the wrong date. One day less of being married to a horse though, i expect he's grateful.

  6. Perhaps QE11 didn't get an invite, could be that the RC's hierarchy is still pisssed after Henry V111? :twisted:
  7. I can hardly contain my indifference..... think of this picture... Camilla in her wedding day webbing..... OMG!! 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O
  8. I believe Pompadour meant to say Wedding day tack
  9. So who takes the hit for all the souvenir mugs, tea towels, book marks and other tacky treasures that were made for the occasion and now all bear the wrong date? No time to make up a new batch is there? all those street vendors and stall managers out of pocket for inventory that they can't shill..

    trust Chuck to screw up local economy and ruin it for the little guy...
  10. The wedding that now appears on the saturday will be 3 years to the day since the Queen mum's funeral, so i bet the Queen is pleased about that date then!!

    Apparently Charlie and the horse wanted to move some other couples weddings around so they could get married in the afternoon instead of the morning.
    Good old registry office said 'NO' They dont see why others should be messed about coz Charlie delayed his wedding.

    Personnally i think its a relief if i was old big ears, another day of not having to sleep with an ugly old trout!!
  11. Let's face it, the only real interest in the Chuch/Camila shindig was to see who William was going to bring as a date...
  12. FFS pompy!!! Did you have to bring that image up? 8O That wasn't the only thing brought up after that thought. Sheesh post a warning next time yeah?

    The wingnut really had no choice. He could not win a popularity contest even if it was just him in it. I know if I was one of the dignitaries invited to both the pope send off would win hands down.

    FFS pompy I think I need to go wash my mind's eye now...

  13. Had a big investment in it did you?
  14. For my part I view this delay as a tragedy I promised not to masturbate until the royal marriage had been officially consummated now its another few days with blue ball disease. Its just another example of the royals being out of touch with the working man