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Charity Wristbands in Uniform?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JimsBoyAllGrownUp, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. I'm all for money raising schemes for good causes and fully support initiatives to raise cash but should we really be wearing them in full display with uniform? Bright coloured wristbands aren't part of the uniform so should we be wearing them while on duty? Where do we draw the line? Will it lead to the acceptance of other things ....for example in extremis - males wearing ear rings, wearing non military badges supporting charities etc etc
  2. Unless sanctioned as Unit dress policy, get rid!
  3. I can't see the Infantry / Paras etc doing this sort of thing. Particularly the Guards. Can you imagine the shouting and duff dikeing that would ensue? Nightmare.
  4. But it happens and seems to be spreading. What is the chain of comd doing about it? Or do they not have the moral courage to make what might be taken as a bad decision. I se them being worn by all ranks...officers, seniors and privates!
  5. They look fcukin' God awful in my opinion. If you want to support a charity then do so but in civvies not in bloody uniform. I've seen individuals with umpteen of the feckers on their arms, get rid till your in your pulling gear.
  6. In uniform, definately not.

    In civvies, fill yer boots mate.
  7. Only a Poppy in uniform . Nothing else.
  8. Don't badges grip people any longer!
  9. Apparently not. Some of them are the culprits. They're wearing them too!
  10. Alot of our rear party were wearing "Support the Grenadier Guards" wristbands this summer. I believe they were on sale in the Guard room at one point
  11. Doesn't mean they should be wearing them in uniform
  12. Well, the few officers/sncos that were still in the uk didn't seem too bothered.
  13. Some time ago, even DRLC mentioned that it was ok to wear them in uniform. I say no more.........
  14. :D
  15. ........previous Comd 16x wore one - didn't seem to overly faze him.