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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by boredofmyjob, Jan 7, 2008.

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  1. i got laid off. i bloody hated my job anyhow:) I passed ADSC recently just waiting on an ENT specialist to confirm my ears are fine(which they are) before i get a start date with the army. This however leaves me a gap of anything up to 2 months i'd imagine, so yeah anyone know if theres a charity i could put some of my plentifull spare time into that might help injured or ex servicemen or something along those lines? I'm clueless as the concept of doing things for free is a new one for me!
  2. Row-a-thons or combinations of fitness activities could be a good way of raising money AND getting you ready for Phase 1. Approach a local fitness centre (Not too posh) and request assistance, get the flyers out, advertisement etc and get press gang local media/interest groups to assist.

    What ever you are going to do - good luck, and good luck on joining the mean green.
  3. Just had a look at some of your other posts and you sound like you have got your head switched on and a mature lad (25). Im not sure what your going into but your from Yorkshire have you thought about asking the ACIO if theyve got contact numbers for either the local Associations or even Cadets. Its commendable that a young lad who's jus about to join is wanting to help out, hope everything goes well when you finally get to basic. I take it the ear problem was to do with ear wax.........always amazed me the ammount who get deferred for that at ADSC.

  4. hehe mature maby not, lets face it im a right troll on this forum at times. i'm perusing those weblinks now trying to decide what to say in an email. The ear thing i'm waiting on is just that i had an op on one 20 years ago with no problems since but i think the doc that saw me at glencorse didnt feel qualified to sign me off not being an ear doctor, she did however let me continue and pass the ADSC.

    EDIT- She did cup my balls several times too so maby she just had a soft spot for me..

  5. i think your barking up an interesting tree there. The guy i practice running with (who's not joining) is looking to do a half marathon so i might look at doing it with him but getting folks to sponsor me and getting that money to one of those charities. i'll keep you posted if anything actually comes together!