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I was swithering whether to put this in the Charities Forum or Books but as these are two authors and ones that have been reviewed on ARRSE so I thought that this would be the ideal place for it.

Ben Kane (Sparticus & Hannibal Series) and Tony Riches (Empire:The Leopards Sword) are walking Hadrian's Wall for charities Combat Stress and Medecins Sans Frontieres; two very worthwhile charities. Not only are they walking the Wall but are doing it in Roman uniforms. Dates: 28 Apr - 4 May. Their website can be found here: Charity Giving - The Romani walk Hadrian's Wall Below is a bit from the website:

Walking Hadrian's Wall will be an amazing experience, all the more so because we are going to raise money for two great charities. We chose Combat Stress for all that they do to help those with unseen injuries, and Medecins Sans Frontieres because they're so often the first charity into a conflict zone, and nearly always the last ones out. The initial target of £5000 has long since been smashed,as have the next two of £6000 and £7500. At this rate, we will be soon be aiming for £10,000!

Making donations through CharityGiving is simple, and you can use most debit or credit cards, or Paypal.
Have a look and if you feel you support this then they would be grateful for any contributions. Ben's blog about the walk can be found here: Ben Kane | The author's official web site and blog

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