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For a while now ive been wanting to run the distance from the west coast to east coast along Harians Wall. Im thinking of doing it in Mid May this year, due to improved weather. It will be totally self sufficient for the full distance. I reglularly take part in ultra marathons and adventure challenges. Im looking for a good charity to represent and raise the cash for - and being ex forces would like to help a forces related charity.

Anybody have any ideas or want to help out??? Or even take part with me !!!!!!!
Crikey dick!!! You don't do things by half do you!?

Ermmm charities - combat stress, RBL, SSAFA etc etc

That will be an awesome achievement if you get that going. What will the total distance be?

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Been thinking about it for a long time and instead of just training ive been looking for a goal at the end. Is there any charity reps on the forums? Maybe they can assist with getting this going - fortunately ive been training like fcuk so can jump straight into it. Anyone fancy joining me???

Any pointers????


check your pm's mate


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May I suggest Combat Stress, they are experiencing a marked increase in those requiring their assistance and thus are urgently seeking exra funds. Combat Stress website

You're in for an adventure and a half running Hadrian's Wall. Last autumn I fast hiked this route, alone, for charity and it was an incredible experience. The route is an official National Trail path and is well signposted and maintained. The centre section has some harsh gradients and is for the most part rough underfoot. East to West is apparently the direction most hikers take although the small group I met running the route had in fact started at Port Carlisle (the 'end' point).

The 84 mile trail is fairly well served by accommodation/campsites on or close to the trail although the central section, being pretty wild and barren obviously has limited overnight options so daily distance targets should take that into account, PM me if you want specific info. By the time you've factored in diversions to accom/watering holes you're looking at 90 miles +.

I found the Harvey's map of the entire route an excellent resource - whilst not containing quite as much detail as the OS maps (of which you need several to cover the whole route) contains pretty much all you'll need. This one.

It's a very popular route, with, I was informed when I researched it, May to August being the busiest months. I opted for September and was lucky with the weather and fewer fellow walkers getting in my way (I doing the distance in much less time than the norm), as well as retaining enough daylight to cover the daily distances.

I'd love to join you but am doing the London Marathon for Combat Stress in April so am all sponsored out, especially having been sponsored for my Hadrian's Wall assualt last September too.

I wish you the best of luck, it's a fabulous trail.


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All good charities mentioned above, for my tuppenceworth you cannot beat the Chelsea Pensioners. They are in the final 12 months of their appeal to raise funds to rebuild their Infirmary.

Check links below for info, let me know if you need any Log Sp and when yr dates are.


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