Charity tandem skydive for Felix Fund in memory of ATO Cpt Lisa Head.

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by I_Even_Disarm_Ducks, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. It's a new year and it's time I did something again for charity.

    Having gratefully received a great sum of donations in aid of BLESMA last year with my 380 mile cycle through Wales from the Northwest to Bristol over 7 days, I am turning my attention to something a little less strenuous but much more exhilarating and in aid of the charity that encompasses my future trade (as long as I keep my head in the books and work hard on this course)!

    The Felix Fund have their own facebook page which is easily found and that is where the skydive is advertised, but having had a quick trawl through the forums here and not finding anyone else wanting to get sponsorship from you lot I am taking first dibs. You can also find the event on their own website here Events | Felix Fund – The Bomb Disposal Charity

    This is a great experience and for a top cause so I ask you (i'll repeat myself from my last charity thread) philanthropic folk to get involved and send yer pennies to P B is fundraising for Felix Fund - The Bomb Disposal Charity

    Also, I believe that all the money raised goes straight to the charity as I am paying a deposit myself. I will confirm soon.
  2. Update:

    All money we raise goes to the felix fund, the jump itself is funded with a relatively small (compared to the cost of a jump on civvi street) deposit of our own money.

    All donations appreciated :)
  3. Any more for anymore? It's starting to dry up on the donations front, there are loads of you, even if it's just a fiver it's better than noubt!
  4. Does "Bump" describe the noise or sound of arrival on Terra Firma?
  5. If it is, I would feel (in a spiritual form) bad for the professional parachutist strapped to my back ;)
  6. Give up your facking money! You know it's a good cause and I can't spend it on beer, it goes straight to them!
  7. Even if you were going to spend it on beer, there'd be shedloads over as everyone knows you can't drink ;-)
  8. Pah, I'm a trained alcoholic now I'm in the army, you didn't see me struggling to keep up with the big boys in London did ya? Probably cause you where too pissed off your Malibu and coke ;)
  9. Still not seeing any fresh donations! Be a lad, or even a lass, it's a Sunday, couple of quid here and there from the left over boozing of the weekend is all I ask!
  10. I know it was definitely pay day for some of you yesterday so transfer your beer tokens to donations and I'll throw myself from a plane in 3 weeks. Cheers
  11. Saw the poster for this in the 3 Stags pub, Lambeth, SE London...Good drills.

    Anyone else noticed them and where?
  12. That's some good drills, hope whoever that is is doing a better job than me, other than promises I'm nowhere near my target!