Charity Skydive from 15000ft

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TA4645, Sep 30, 2006.

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  1. Right guys, me and a few of the lads from work are organising a charity sky dive in march. We're hoping to raise alot of money for various charities and perhaps get a few more lads/lasses on board for the jump itself.

    You can find us at:

    Feel free to contact us with any queries. The more the merrier!!!
  2. Why not do a 5 day course, drag more money from the punters for the charity, get a NATO set of wings and at a third of the cost--- 'Its because yer worth it'' go to and get details
  3. cheers v-o-g will do. most of the guys/girls signed up arent service peeps, there's me (a stab) and a handful of regs from the sigs.
  4. Do not worry about the civvies, I took a civi friend of mine who has never worn a uniform (except a natty fancy dress nurses one) and he thoroughly enjoyed it. The week is spent at a civi parachuting centre in CLOGLAND with wall to wall women learning to freefall for the first time. The course is fun and mentally stimulating/demanding-----on mine there was a group of mixed sex, STAB Sappers who all made the standard. Even if someone bottles out from achieving the full 5 descents for the Dutch wings- its still bloody cheap , highly amusing and worthwhile. As an ex STAB myself (of Redcoat,stock and CCXXVII personal number), you will get a lot of sad people (mainly ex Regs) calling you a WALT for doing it. However, the same, sad people generally could'nt hold a proper job down to save their lives.