Charity set up for Gulf Troops

All well and good, but if governments looked after their Armed Forces properly, there wouldn't be a need for charity......


I remember the South atlantic fund!! what happened to all that money?
cause as far as I am aware none of my lot got any and some of us got wounded, so don't hold your breath this time either.
In my opinion, as well as trying to help people, those who set up this type of charity are after a gong or award themselves..

Mr Happy

The problem with all this stuff is that the money never gets to where it's needed.  If it does filter down to Bn level then the officers mess gets a new pool table and the Sgts Mess a couple of cues and JRC some chalk...


a lot of charity money goes out to "adminstration" and govt taxes nothing new ::)
Or in the case of a certain firebrand Scottish MP for Baghdad East, into supporting his travels to foreign lands.  :mad:


Vespa - A lot of money has to go out to "administration" not all people can afford to work for free full time for a charity, in fact not many people work for free within the voluntary sector.

would you?

How else can they buy the admin stuff to keep the charity going without purchasing it, donations of goods has dropped off in the last 5-6 years. Just look at the honours list every time for those who get awards for "work in the community" are mostly paid workers and a lot come from Councils and Social Services!!

Sorry for being off thread but just letting people know about "administration" costs..
As above.

I have a minor amount of input into the local Poppy appeal, so know a small amount about how it is run.

At a local level, this is probably the best run charity that there is, the sellers are volunteers and 100% goes to the central fund.

However, once it gets to the central fund, a cut of the dosh is taken. This is necessary and essential.

You can not have untrained, unprofessional volunteers running a fund of this magnitude. Hearts would out rule brains and, although the money would still go to good causes, it would be unfairly distributed and wrongly invested.

All charities need pro money men. I hope that this one gets a good set that are not too greedy and are 100% answerable to the charity itself.

Unfortunately, administrators and professionals are a necessary evil, but many of them do it for a lot less than they could earn elsewhere.


ORG - well put, that is probably what I meant to say.
( I think I have smarties for brains)
with a bit of luck it will be run by the military, so as they get paid anyway they can cut down on admin charges.

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